2022 Cowboy Band Ireland Trip

    In 1930, the Hardin-Simmons University Cowboy Band received its first invitation to travel overseas to take the music and traditions of west Texas to an international audience and earning it the moniker “World Famous.” Since that time, the band has traveled on numerous overseas tours spreading the love of God to the people of the world through our music. While the trips have slowed down, the time is right once again to spread the word of HSU and the Cowboy Band on the world stage! 

    Hardin-Simmons University and the School of Music are proud to announce the “World Famous” Cowboy Band has been offered a performance spot in the 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland! This is a huge honor for our little school to have this incredible opportunity to be seen by so many people from far off places. The invitation was the easy part…now to raise the money! 

    The Cowboy Band Foundation was created to build the Home of the Cowboy Band in 1972 and once that was complete, to provide funding for scholarships and activities benefitting the students in the band program. This is one of those activities and we could really use your help! The cost of the trip is going to approach $3000 per student, and it is our goal to raise at least half of that money so the students will have less of a challenge to go. How can you help? 

    The students will need to raise $1500 for their part of the trip cost. You can make donations through this platform to help individual students with their portion of the trip cost. Since the CBB Foundation is also working to raise an additional $1500 per student, you can donate to the cause without specifying individual students. All monies will be used to help provide this opportunity for students currently enrolled in the band program at HSU.

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